Princess Shoot

princess2The call on my Facebook site Emmanuelle Wood Photographic Artist for ladies in the area of Baden, Niederösterreich who would like to dress up as modern day princesses, happened months before the actual day of shooting. This was to ensure that each one would have enough time to organise an elegant, sexy, modern outfit in the colours of the original Disney princess and could start to imagine how their hair & make up should be. Months of planning with the help of hairstylist Isabell, and make up artists, Dani, Katrin & Leda, all came together on 12th July 2014 when the day of our shoot arrived, with glorious weather, well-prepared princesses and a very handsome prince and a  horse named “Zwerg”, who would also be incorporated into certain shots.

The backdrop for our shoot was the picturesque village of Trumau in Niederösterreich, with its castle, woods, cornfields and river – the perfect location for such stunning princesses. After a long day and hundreds of photos, each princess was able to choose her top three pictures, which were then edited and forwarded to each princess as a wonderful memory of the enchanting princess shoot they experienced.

If you and your friends would like to book a princess shoot, please contact me on info[@] or 069981195154