Kids 4 - Emmanuelle WoodThey say “Never work with children or animals”, but which photographer would not want to capture those smiles, giggles & laughs that simply make your heart melt. As a mother myself, I know how important it is to keep those moments alive forever – after all, they simply grow up too fast. But I also find, as a mum, that many shots where a child is supposed to sit in a studio and smile into a camera, don’t work. The child then just sits there staring blankly. That’s not the character of the child and certainly one that isn’t wished for at a professional photo shoot. That’s why I am not really a studio photographer; I much prefer to work on location. For example, a park, garden, or nursery that is chosen by the family, where the child can run around, play, and have fun. Where a child can be a child. And that’s where the best pictures happen – where the essence of childhood can be captured.

And I think you’ll agree – the results are proof in themselves that everyone has had fun on that day.

Kids shoots with Emmanuelle Wood Photographic Artist start at €70 for a Mini-Shoot.